Speaking Out: Being Able To Admit I’m Not Okay

One thing I really struggle with is admitting that I’m not okay. It is so much easier to say I’m fine that to admit not only to yourself but to others that you’re not.

Depression,anxiety, pain. Things I deal with daily. Explaining this to every person who asks would be a waste of my time and theirs, its so much faster to say “You know, I’m doing just fine.”

Then you don’t have people taking pity on you, feeling sorry for you. And you won’t feel as if you’re a burden to anyone but yourself.

It is a two way street and we all know it. Admitting that you aren’t doing well is so much harder than saying two simple words.
Admitting that you are not okay isn’t a sign of weakness. We aren’t to good to accept help when we need it. We all can answer just a few more questions even though we don’t like too.

I know we are tired of all that and that is why we answer the way we do. But it isn’t bad to tell people how you really feel.

Unfortunate Pain In Our lives. We can get through together. SpooniesUnite!

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