Rant No. 9 The I’m Fine Statement

A statement more than likely all spoons know to well. The statement we use because we feel like being burdens to others. Something we say when we don’t want to show others how we really feel. A word that is totally opposite of how our life is at that moment.

I’m Fine.

I say it about four to five times a day at least maybe more. It is one of those things I feel like if I tell them how I really feel they aren’t going to understand anyway. So I just say “I’m fine.” If you told someone how you really felt, you feel as if they will look at you differently, treat you differently. So we keep it to ourselves. We all feel like we can climb the mountian by ourselves only to find out we are stranded with no support, no spoons and most definatly all alone.

Some say its demorilizing and embarrassing to be in this kind of situation. You want to push boundaries only to pay an extreme price to be normal.

I certainly understand what it feels like. Most of us spoonies want acceptance and understanding more than anything. To be treated like everyone else. To be supported when we need it most. To be loved.

Undertanding, listening, accepting, supporting, loving.

Sticking together, supporting one another. Loving and listening to one another. Accepting and understanding one another.

That is what we need.

To be there when we need each other the most. Just because I say I’m fine doesn’t mean I am. I am just trying to get there like all the other spoons.

And with a little bit of unfortunate pain.

Last week I posted I’m getting worse…but I’m fine. Check it out!

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