Short N’ My Birthday

My family and I celebrated three birthdays this weekend. Mine, my cousin Maggie’s and my great-grandma’s. We had a little get together and I really haven’t got to relax on my days off. So I spent my afternoon floating in the pool. Very relaxed, it was queit. Very nice. Went inside had some good company, good conversation.

So now I am 22. I got to spend what people know as the 24th of July, my birthday, with a truly awesome person. My mom.

She is awesome. She suffers from so many things yet she will still go out of her way to do what she can for others. I love spending my time off work with her. Unless we are both having a bad day.

We went out and had lunch, shared some laughs. And what is a birthday without a few embarrassing photos for Facebook. Anyway this weekend was one of the best relaxing weekends I’ve had in awhile.

It was a good birthday treat. Relaxing and enjoy time with my family. And my dog. Can’t forget the other half of my support system, my girl Abby. The best medicine there is.

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