Rant No.8 Oblivious Or Not?

Okay this probably gets on my nerves more than it should. But for real it gets me fired up.

I have told my family this story but I thought I  would share it here. 

At my local Wal-Mart a very nice lady works in the gardening department. She is always really nice when I go through there. Thing is she is hearing impaired, which there is no problem except the way people treat her. 

One day I’m behind two women and two kids. The lady rung up their things and they paid. The older woman said “have a nice day.” The woman just stood there with an astonished look on her face. Then she said really loudly “Well you dont have to be so rude.” 

 She had turned her head so she wasn’t  able to read her lips.  I got a bit upset I looked woman and sternly said “She can’t hear you she is hearing impaired. She didn’t  realize you were speaking to her, you don’t  have to be rude.” The woman got upset “well she should pay attention.” By this point the cashier had noticed there was something wrong. I looked at her and pointed to my ear. She nodded and pointed to her nametag which said plainly “hearing impaired”.  

I paid for my things, signed “thank you” and she smiled and nodded.

I went out the door with my things and both of the women were standing there. The older woman said “You really didn’t  have to be so rude.” I replied sarcastically of course, “Oh and you weren’t? Next time I’ll remember that when I want to be rude to someone, just act like you.” I walked to my car and got in. They were still standing there when I drove off. 

People can be so rude, uncaring. But are they oblivious or not? Most know that they are but some don’t even realize. I couldn’t stand there a have them be extremely rude to someone that didn’t  understand what was going on.  I believe that its cruel to treat others differntly just because their deaf, blind, in a wheelchair ect. Just because those things are in their life it doesn’t  make them any less of a human. Treat others  the way you want to be treated.  Unfortunate Pain is caused by how we treat others. Think before you act.


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