The Fog…

My mind this week has been so foggy. I can barely keep up. I go to say something, as I go to say it fog drifts in and I’ve forgotten. Something I’ve done a hundred times, forgotten. What day is it? What time is it? It feels like everything is within grasp but as I reach for it, just slips through my fingers.  

So many things going through my mind, it’s like rush hour traffic. And then… boom, traffic jam. That’s when everything starts slipping away.  Everything gets blurry and doesn’t make any sense. I try to remember but I could stand there all day.
My brain is going haywire, my body is going numb. I just can’t handle it all. 
Anxiety and stress running high; depression running deep. I’m ache from the tension. Fog makes everything worse.
Fighting the fog just makes me fall down. I feel lost, I feel weak. I can’t find my way out of this thick fog.
What an Unfortunate Pain.


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