Dear Friday, For Real?!?! Hello From Saturday.

I’m totally exhausted. I’m am just so tired. This week has been, well, organized chaos; sort of organized. 

Dog after dog, cat after cat. The clinic has been so busy this week. Mentally  and physically I’m running on fumes. My job is more on the physical side, so me being me push myself until I want to cry. It seriously was non-stop one after another. By the end of work I just wanted a nap and a sweet tea.

After work I went to a family get together. Which don’t get me wrong, is great but I was not in the mood for a lot of bonding time after the exhausting day I had. My bones felt like noodles and my anxiety was on high alert. Stayed awhile, just chatting until I started to get really sleepy and panicky. 

I left. So I got home around 10:30. I went to bed. My parents got home about 45 minutes after I did. Im nearly asleep.

Around 11:30 or so we heard a little boom, it sounded far off in the distance. The next boom shook the house, much closer this time. We all go outside. In the dark, the bright glow of a blazing fire. Where an older gentleman lives, people were yelling trying to find the old man. People gathering in the road in front of his house. 

My dad, brother and I rushed up to see if they found him. As we got closer we realized it was the barn. The explosions were the tractors and his truck. The horses were freaking out, I started to freak out; again. My heart was pounding. Then a neighbor came up and said gentleman had been in the house asleep and he was fine. Just watching the barn burn, we all just stood there til the fire department came. The barn instantly gone.  

We walked home just astonished at what we just witnessed. Just glad that it wasn’t his home, his life that had been ablaze.

I got home and crawled into bed. What an eventful day.  So here’s what I got to say to that.

Dear Friday, For Real?!?! Well Hello From Saturday, It is going to be much better.

Sincerely with unfortunate pain.                                                     – CaraBooTalks


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