Rant No.6  Tylenol Doesn’t Fix It

People don’t understand that Tylenol doesn’t fix everything. Headaches maybe; chronic pain and fatigue definitely not.

That is everyone’s go to question “Well did ya take a Tylenol?”  And of course me being offended for no reason replying in my head.   “No why didn’t I think of that, oh yeah because that’s gonna help my situation a bunch thanks for the suggestion.” But instead I put on that stupid smile. Just wishing I could punch them just a little. 

I get that people aren’t in the same situation as I am but Tylenol doesnt fix it.  The swelling, the deep joint pain, the anxiety attacks, the depression none of that goes away with Tylenol. The nerves, the attacks, the pain is still there. It helps a headache and that’s pretty much it. 

I just wish that wasn’t the go to question, I wish it could be “well what can you do?” A little bit better I suppose. People saying “do you want a Tylenol” makes me want to punch them in the arm or their face which ever is less violent. It drives me crazy. 

What an Unfortunate Pain In My…. well I’m not sure anymore.


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