Code Panic!

Last Thursday a really bad storm came through which made me and my family take shelter. As we go to the storm cellar, I start having a full blown panic attack. So we get in the cellar and my dad closes the door. The sirens haven’t went off in the area in years. I’m freaking out. I’m sweating and can’t catch my breath. Clinging to my dog, outside suddenly falls silent. The loud booming clap of thunder and a heavy rain started to fall. It felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest. I knew I was safe, but I couldn’t calm my self down. We were in the cellar for about thirty minutes. We got a emergency alert for a town near us that there was a tornado that had touched down and to take cover. We waited for a few more minutes and decided it was over. We opened the cellar door. It is just pouring rain. Thunder cracked and  lightning scattering the sky. The black clouds moving with the curtains of rain following. 

I went in the house. My head hurt, my chest hurt, my shoes soaked with mud and water. I was exhausted.  The storm lasted a couple of hours. Raining off and on and the occasional crack of thunder and lightning. I just curled up in my bed with my dog beside me and drifted off to sleep.

What an eventful night. Just another Unfortunate Pain In My… 


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