Why Unfortunate Pain? 

Where did it come from? 
Why Unfortunate Pain?

When I first got sick it happened so fast. The doctors weren’t quite sure what was happening. A couple of them have said that my situation or circumstance was unfortunate. The pain was real but they said I was to young to be having any sort of pain that I had described to them. They didn’t believe me.

So when I started writing I put that in.  Yes, it’s unfortunate pain but those are the cards I’ve been dealt. 

Anyway Unfortunate Pain started as sarcasm then led to being a real statement for me. The sarcasm started when the doctors kept shuffling me from lab to xrays to MRIs to specialists. I’ve been to a lot of doctors who have never gotten anywhere with my situation. Every doctor I’ve been to comes in the door does a complete 360 and right out the door they go. They dont know where to start so they try new medications to see if that works and I’m on my way. First of all diagnose then figure out a plan. Don’t skip the diagnosis and go straight to a plan because what good are you doing in that situation if you don’t know what it is. Sorry but there’s that sarcasm I was telling you about. 

Anyway, I’ve haven’t got any answers which bugs me. That is where the complete statement “Unfortunate Pain In Mycomes into play.  I use this statement in so many ways like: Unfortunate Pain In My back. I know what you were thinking ha gotcha didn’t I. 

You get the idea though. My sarcasm became my true statement. I suffer from lots of things and is hard to fully cope. It’s unfortunate but I’ll work my way through it the best way I know how.  

Everyone has their story, their statement. Even if it is an Unfortunate Pain….


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