Rant No. 5 Why Am I Sarcastic About Doctors

In my post My Arm Isn‘t Working  I said a few sarcastic things about doctors. Mostly it was about the doctor really not getting what I was saying or in this case explaining. Me and doctors don’t  mix.

Okay, it may seem like I don’t like doctors. The reason I’m saying this is because I’ve gotta be totally honest. I talk smack  but I don’t hate or dislike the doctors; I don’t even know them. Honestly the thing I don’t like is when I don’t get any answers. 

I give out sarcasm and I can’t handle it myself. I have an attitude problem for sure. There are those doctors you get who don’t wanna deal with your problems so they try to pass you on. That’s where my sarcasm and my attitude steps in.  Since I’m being honest with you all today, I do seriously try to be genuinely unsarcastic with my writing but sometimes it just creeps in.  So back to what is talking about before my mind wandered off. I’m sarcastic, right. Anyway I just need a few of my questions answered.

 Doctors are there to help so don’t hate them. They can be annoying or unhelpful at times but all in all they are there to help in the best way they know how. 

anyway sincerely CaraBooTalks

    – P.s. I don’t hate doctors, I can just be really sarcastic and a little rude at times. 

         -P.p.S. Another Unfortunate Pain In My… 


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