My Arm Isn’t Working?!?!

The past few weeks have been pretty crazy. Last week I went to the doctor for a checkup and med evaluation, who by the way was sort of helpful but really didn’t get anywhere with my situation. Anyway, I told her about my arm and my hand. How there was pain and a lot of weakness in it. She asked me a few questions then made me do a strength test. Her conclusion was “Yes you’ve got some weakness in that arm”. My sarcastic mind went “Duh, That is what I told you!”  She asked how long it has been this weak. “It has gotten weaker over the last two months.”  Literally she stared at me then said “Hmm”. Three solid minutes of quiet staring.  So I started to explain all the problems and how the left side of my body was just exhausted. And how over the past two months or so it’s gotten even worse.

Then she asked me a few questions that I  had already answered but I answered them agian. She just completely ignored my statement about the left side of my body and said “Well it’s probably a nerve issue, have you injured it in the past week or so?” FOR REAL?!?! I literally just said two months like five seconds ago and I’m nearly deaf in one ear which is also another problem.

Anyway the ending to this doctors visit went like ” Well if you have a problem give my nurse a call and she will get you an appointment. They will give you an appointment for a CT scan and that’s it we are out of time.” Wait what!?!? But my arm isn’t working! 

I was to make  an appointment for a follow-up exam in two months which would be July. The lady at the checkout desk “Well she is already booked up in July.  So would you like an August appointment  or September Appointment?” “ I GUESS THE AUGUST, BUT FOR REAL MY ARM!?!?

Needless to say I guess go somewhere else if my arm completely stops working because obviously it’s not worth their time. Just another Unfortunate Pain In My….


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