They Just Don’t Get It…

I’ve had a rough week. This has taken me all week to collect my mind to type this out. My shoulder is bothering me more than usual, that’s a lie every thing is bothering me. Anyway someone asked me why I’m such a cry baby just because my shoulder hurt a little. Apparently I put on a good show because what they don’t see is what happens when they aren’t around.

This week alone I have had three melt downs, eight panic attacks, twice this week I’ve cried myself asleep, and have probably had a total of 6 hours of sleep. My brain is litterally not working. That is this week . They Just Don’t Get It! 

They get to be healthy, I don’t. Everyday this week I have considered quitting my job because of this. Now, honestly that’s not the only reason, but it’s the biggest. The job I’m at is good but it is physical and me not so much. Working through my pain is difficult, stressful and altering my mind.

No one gets that, except for those who have stories kinda like mine. Those who live like I do understand. 

And every time this is said, “just take a Tylenol” I want to punch someone. Tylenol doesn’t fix everything. “Don’t be a baby” if only they knew what I deal with.  

And what they really don’t get is saying all of these things make it so much worse. 

I have almost given up. But this is another Unfortunate Pain In My…


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