Am I A Addict?

A freind of mine asked me “What is it like if you just stop taking your meds?” 

Well I have no idea, but say I do run out of medication, for say two or three days, there will probably be some difference.
Now I take my meds because I need them, a drug addict thinks they need them because they are addict. 
Need vs Addiction. Totally opposite, but almost similar.
Most of my meds are anti-inflammatory, pain meds, anxiety and depression medications. I used to take several but the doctors and I thought it would be better to stop those combinations of medication. 

Addiction is because they think they need them, they want them because it makes them feel good. If they don’t, well they bottom out. Feel like crap. 

To be entirely honest I don’t want to take medication, but if I don’t I can’t function normally. I have severe panic attacks, then depression creeps in which flares up my pain more than it already is. Which usually means you won’t see me for a couple of days. 

But yes if I miss taking one , especially when I am supposed to be taking it , I can tell that there is a difference. Answer: I need my medication so I don’t end up being sedated in the hospital after a very serious panic attack again. 

So am I a addict? I don’t know you tell me. Ha, well  another Unfortunate Pain In My…. 


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