I’m Just Tired… 

Being tried is tiring; is it not? Let’s talk about fatigue for a second. 

The definition of Fatigue is this. Extreme tiredness caused from mental or physical exertion; also can be caused from an illness.
Now chronic fatigue never goes away. That is why it is called chronic. You can sleep, you can rest all you want, but the moment you do something productive or needed. The time you spent resting has being reset. 
I suffer from chronic fatigue. Mine really gets me when I stop for the day and sit down. I try my best to keep my mind and body occupied. My fatigue causes my joints and muscles to stiffen, so once I get going I really shouldn’t stop. 
Fatigue causes me to be careful and be aware of what I’m doing, but my adhd doesn’t agree.  Fatigue is apparently here to say with me. I guess I better make room.
Having chronic fatigue is A Unfortunate Pain In My…. life. 

Sincerely CaraBooTalks 


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