But You Don’t Look Sick…

The definition of invisible illness are chronic illnesses and conditions that significantly impair normal activities of daily living.

Invisable illnesses vary but the comments about them are the same. “You look fine.” “You don’t look sick at all.”
Trying to function normally while dealing with your invisable illness is difficult, almost impossible. After being diagnosed with several things and several things still unanswered, it is hard to keep my life from crumbling apart.  Feeling invisable is part of my life.  I suffer from chronic pain, chronic fatigue, depression, adhd, and severe anxiety. You might not be able to see any of those but they affect every second of my day. People have asked me what a normal day is for me. What is a normal day? I have forgotten what a normal day is. My days run together so much I am lucky to even remember the days of the week much less have a “normal day“.  
People with out any “problems” don’t realize what a person with any  illness goes through to somewhat  survive a day. 
I might sleep all day or don’t sleep for a couple of days. I might eat or I might not. I might laugh or I might break down and cry. I might be able to tell you about the day before or i might not, because my brain is so tired and focused on getting me through the current day. Days come as they are you either can get out of bed and function a bit or you can’t get out of bed at all. 
What are you lazy? Ha, the answer is NO. You can tell your body what to do, however I don’t have the luxury to do so. My body functioning correctly would be like lighting a candle in the middle of a tornado, it’s not going to work. Half the time my legs are so weak I can hardly hold my self up and others I am lucky to hold my self up, get around and do things.

People who are healthy don’t understand the struggle we go through just to take a shower and get dressed. HA, Don’t get me started about shopping. Shopping is our worst enemy. People take those things for granted but how can I. 

Everyone has a flaw or two, but, some of us got more than others. Why were we chosen to have more? I don’t know that answer.
I do know this, you can stand up for youself and others that are like you. You can chose to be invisable or you can chose to shine bright.

Invisablility is your illness, but I can see you. I know you feel alone, so did I, but I found out I’m not the only one. Taking one day at a time is hard but when you don’t have a choice ya go with the flow.

Life might get me down every now and then, but I am trying to be positive and live to the best of my ability. 

“You don’t look sick” that might be the case but you tell my body that. It’s like telling someone who told you the have a headache, “but you don’t look like you have a headache.” HA, now try explaining that to an entire room of doctors. A headache is invisable. 

I might not look sick on the outside, but inside my body is fighting a all-out war.
Functioning normally is a luxury that people take for granted. Be glad you don’t wake up in the morning wondering if your day is going to manageable or a complete disaster.

All I can say is try to love others. Try your best to your ability to do anything. Have peace. Freinds are those you can trust, who understand, who love you for you. If you have one don’t let them go. Family no matter how messed up, is there if you just reach out. Life is yours to live how you can. Being you is great, no matter what others say. 


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