Digging In The Diagnosis Bin

You need answers. You have symptoms and no one can explain them. This doctor went to school for how many years? Why won’t these doctors help me? I’m tired of getting nowhere, I just want answers. Can’t they just listen to me? 

I know how you feel. I have asked all these questions and more. It can be frustrating. You want answers you go to doctor after doctor, and still nothing. Then you start researching and asking Doctor Google for answers. Digging and digging in the diagnosis bin trying to find something that fits your symptoms. 
I call it the diagnosis bin because it holds every single diagnosis known. You and I have certain symptoms, but those symptoms could relate to several or just one diagnosis. Now being correctly diagnosed is a whole other ball game. See digging in the bin gives you an idea of the possibilities. 

For example say you have ten completely different  conditions, diseases, syndromes, etc. that align with your symptoms. 

You have fifteen symptoms and six symptoms align with all ten of your diagnosis you have chosen. See narrowing that down would be pretty difficult. The question being which one fits the best. 

Unfortunately even if you want to self diagnose yourself, it’s not a good idea because it can be potentially  dangerous. There is a reason why you and I didn’t go to school to become a M.D.. Doctors no matter how frustrating, can help or will at least try to help find answers for you.

Truth be told I did try to diagnose myself on several occasions, but there were so many it could truly be, I gave up because I had no idea where to start. I have shared my thoughts with my doctor, and they are looking into what I came up with. Dealing with being sick all the time is no walk in the park. Sharing with your doctor(s), your thoughts, concerns, etc. could lead to answers for you, getting you the help you need. Don’t try to do everything alone, everyone needs help sometimes. Doctors are doctors for a reason. Let them help.
Don’t give up even though it is a Unfortunate Pain . You can do it. Believe

No matter the illness, You do matter.


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